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Dedicated to Sharing the Knowledge of Authentic Ayurveda with our Whole World Family

"When like-minded people are together, through the collective consciousness success follows."  

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Raju Global Ayurveda is committed to helping this unique and gifted family share their knowledge of health from authentic Ayurveda  with the world through: 

State of the Art Facilities & Management for Highest Use of the Vaidya's Time

Expansion & Refinement of the Practice of Ayurveda & Development of New Modalities

Scientific Documentation of Healing Results and Validation of Herb Purity & Safety

Ayurveda Training,  Education and Outreach Programs to Share This Knowledge Everywhere

Helping Our World Family

Ayushman 9-Acre "Green-Zone" Campus near Hitech City, Hyderabad

108-Acre Countryside Campus ~ 1.5 Hours from Hyderabad

शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम्  ~ Shariramadhyam Khalu Dharmasadhanam

The body is the vehicle for the fulfillment of Dharma ~ Upanishads

"Ayushman means longevity ~ good health and long life. Even to do the dharma, sharira the body is a very important thing because the physical body is the instrument for righteous actions. Sharira means not only the body, but body, mind, and soul together ~ all should be in perfect balance, with good health and long life. This is the motto of our new Ayurveda Center because it was the main aim of all the Rishis who brought Ayurveda to the earth. And it was the main aim of Maharishi who enlivened all the Vedic centers in the current era. And this is the main aim of the Raju family also. When like-minded people are together, through the collective consciousness success follows. Our success means we are not just building the infrastructure on the land ~ it is when we reach our aim for mankind. So for all these things, this first action will be the stepping stone to much more." 

Vaidya Krishna Raju

Vaidya B.A. Raju

Vaidya J. R. Raju

Vaidya A. V. "Krishna" Raju

Vaidya Padma Nayani Raju

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